Reliable and Portable Data and API

We provide a fast, highly available API and accurate data. Discover trends and companies, sales opportunities or import data into your own product.

Discover trends and companies

Learn what is changing and happending in your industry. The report you need on the ecosystems you care about.

Explore opportunities

Identify sales-ready opportunities and growth opportunities. Improve the profile of your own company.

Import data into your product

Import data into your business system and use the API enrich and automate your business workflow.


Market Research

We collecting public data across the internet, integrate with data from partenrs and generate ready to use data and API for your business. You can search records for lead generation and market analysis. Find your competitor's data, market-share analytics, and historic records.

  • Carefully crafted large dataset with AI

  • Fresh and accurate data

  • Programmatic access

Build your business on reliable data

Fresh and realtime data

We update hundreds of data sources roughly every 10 minutes.

API Access

Enrich your own data with third party data and API. Access data over simple REST API.

Quick launch time

Reduce the launch time for preparing the data.